Wooden Baths Ltd

Wooden Baths Ltd. produce different designs of luxury wood bath constructed from a variety of sustainable woods: Iroko Wood Slipper Bath; Iroko Wood Roll-top bath, Iroko Rolltop Wood bath; Ash Wood Slipper Bath; Ash Wood Roll-top bath, Ash rolltop wood bath, Ash roll top wood bath; Ash Wooden Roll-top bath, Ash rolltop wooden bath, Ash roll top wooden bath; Pine wood Slipper bath; pine wood roll-top bath, pine rolltop wood bath; Iroko Wooden bath; Ash Wooden Bath; Pine Wooden Bath; pine wood bath, pine roll top wood bath; pine wooden bath, pine roll top wooden bath; Bathroom Furniture, sculpted from high quality wood. Luxury Bath Luxury Baths Luxury Bathroom furniture Fortrose Luxury slipper wood bath Cromarty Luxury roll top wood bath