Wooden Baths Ltd

Wooden Baths

Wooden Baths Ltd currently offer four shapes of bath in a growing range of wooden bath furniture.

A variety of sustainable woods are used in the creation of our baths allowing you to select the colour and tone of your bath to complement its surroundings.

We currently produce baths in:

Ash, American Long Leaf Pine and Iroko.

These are only suggestions to the wood you can have for your bath. As each bath is hand made to order you can choose your own personal choice of wood.

Every wooden bath we create is coated with a High Clarity glass reinforced epoxy resin. This coating is incredibly robust and hard wearing. The glass fabric reinforcing acts to consolidate the baths structure into a solid unit that is extremely resistant to changes in humidity, temperature and high UV levels. This coating is something that has taken years to perfect and is something that we feel distinguishes our baths from other similar products on the market.

The coatings robust hard wearing nature means that the baths are very low maintenance. Our baths can be cared for the same way as an acrylic bath. A gentle wipe down with a little water a gel cleaner and a soft cleaning cloth (nothing abrasive) is all that is required.

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